Emily Peach studied Fashion Textiles at Saint Martins College of Art. She has sold her work to designers such as Louis Vuitton, Charlotte Ronson and BCBG to name a few with actors such as Drew Barrymore wearing her designs.

She ran a print studio in London for many years with a short stint in Como, Italy before she finally headed back to the seaside with her son Kit. Her work first and foremost is always concerned with colour, her big passion. The constant search for that perfect stripe and colour combination, she is well into her thousands. Bold, Fun and light would be a starting point to describe her work. Being a child of the 80's she is greatly influenced by Keith Haring, Warhol and Basquiat. Festivals, parties and growing up in beautiful eclectic Brighton meant she has been greatly influenced by graffiti and music as well. She has a great interest in the 'social norms' and expectations society has on us, especially as her personal life could be described as her prints, colourful. This has meant that whilst her work is always sophisticated it can also have a quirky edge to it too. Enjoy!